1st Pd   7:10-8:50am   Conference

2nd Pd 8:56-10:35am  Chorale

3rd Pd  10:41-12:55pm Piano

4th Pd   1:01-2:35pm   TB Men

5th Pd   7:10-8:50am   Concert Men
6th Pd 8:56-10:35am  (co-teach)
7th Pd  10:41-12:55pm Vocal Ensemble
8th Pd   1:01-2:35pm   MS Visits

Our Directors

Daniel R. Ponce

Enrique Barrera III

5th PeriodAP Music Theory
6th PeriodConcert Women
7th PeriodConference
8th Period

SA Women

Black Day

GPHS Choir

1000 Keene St

Galena Park, TX 77547

​​​​​​1st PeriodTreble Choir
2nd Period(co-teach)
3rd PeriodPreAP Music Theory
4th Period

MS Visits

Gold Day

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, Mr. Ponce first entered a singing program under the baton of Margie Camp in Harlendale ISD. Upon graduating from high school, Daniel decided to attend Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University-San Marcos) where he studied under Dr. Kenneth Fulton.

After teaching for 5 years at the elementary and middle school level, Mr. Ponce moved to Galena Park High School in the Fall of 1995. The program had 68 choir students in three classes. Since then, Mr. Ponce has aligned the groups by ability, increased the number of choirs to seven,added an assistant position and continued a tradition of excellence.

Of note are Mr. Ponce’s two published compositions, "What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor?", published by Alliance Music Pubs., which has been listed on the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List for choral groups and "A Love of Starlight", published by Southern Music Company (now Hal Leonard), which has been listed on the Class I UIL Solo and Ensemble List. Mr. Ponce is a member TMEA, TCDA, TMAA and is currently the President of TMEA Region 33. He was recently voted Galena Park HS "Teacher of the Year" and also was named Galena Park ISD's "Teacher of the Year"

Enrique Barrera, tenor (Assistant Director) is beginning his third year this year.  Prior to becoming a Yellow Jacket, Mr. Barrera was the Assistant Choir Director at South Houston High School with Brenda Varvoutis.  There, he took his first non-varsity treble choir to UIL Contest and Sight Reading and received “Excellent” ratings in both areas.  He graduated with a BM in Music Education and Vocal Performance from Abilene Christian University.  During his time there he was very involved in the music community.  He served as a Music Theory and Ear Training Tutor for the Music Department, and also has an extensive piano background.   Mr.  Barrera has also accompanied various church congregations and soloists throughout the years including singing back up for Hugh Jackman and the Houston Symphony "Music of Selena" Concert Tribute.  He is currently a member of the Houston Symphony Chorus.